Power and influence of the executive office of President

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  • Power and influence of the executive office of president
    • Formal powers
      • Executive
        • Ensuring laws will be faithfully executed
        • Nominate officials
        • Issue orders towards federal agencies under Executive Orde
      • Foreign Policy
        • Commander-in-Chief
        • Confer diplomatic recognition on other governments
        • Make treaties with others (with Senate ratification)
      • Judicial
        • Grant reprieves and pardons for federal offenses
        • Nominate Supreme Court Justice Judge
      • Legislative
        • Present information on the State of the Union to Congress
        • Veto a bill (Congress can overrule with supermajority)
    • Informal powers
      • Executive
        • Executive Privilige
          • President can keep information from Congress and the Court
      • Foreign Policy
        • Executive agreements
          • Negotiating with other foreign governments without Senate's ratification


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