Praise Song For My Mother Analysis

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  • Praise Song For My Mother
    • Family Relationship
    • Mother means a lot to her
      • Never ending love for her mother
      • Mother raised her from the start
    • Mother has a lot of character
    • Structure has a big effect
      • Structure of an African praise song
      • The last line is separate from the rest of the poem
      • First 3 stanzas have natural imagery. All essential to life and metaphorically prove their relationship
      • Final Stanza:    More personal recollection of things related to her mother. What the poet remembers about her
    • Has repetition
    • Memories of her childhood build to her wide future
    • The use of past tense suggest that her mother has died
      • Even though her mother has passed she is still having a massive effect on their lives
    • Without the moon there would be no tides, or overlooking by moonlight


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