Pre-release series (#7) [2014]: Mind map (overview) on Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

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#7- Mind map (overview) on Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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  • Pre-release 2014: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
    • Development gap
      • Colonialism/neo-colonialism
        • Arbitrary boundaries
          • Could lead to conflicts
          • Supported by view 4!
            • May damage the success of the LAPSSET project
      • Water conflicts
        • Shared water basin- Lake Victoria
          • Africa's largest lake
          • 2 HEP plants Uganda
          • Flows into the River Nile.
            • River Nile supplies water to 10 countries- 40% of Africa's population
        • Energy security
          • Technological fix
            • Leapfrogging
          • Demand
    • Kenya
      • Development progress
        • 0.51 HDI- highest developed out of the three countries
      • MDGs
        • Limiting factors include the food crisis in 2009 and suspension of funding for primary schools by the US as a result of fraud and corruption claims.
      • Services
        • 52% of economy. Volatility of tourism may affect this.
          • Supported by view 3!
            • Questions the success of the tourist resorts proposed by the LAPSSET project.
      • Exports and imports
        • Export cash crops.
          • Supports dependency theory.
            • They are supporting primary goods which have low tariffs. They are being exploited for their resources.
        • Evidence of leapfrogging.
          • Increase the rate of development
        • Importing fuel oils
          • Demand increases
            • Supports Rostow's model
              • To high mass consumption
          • May be unable to manufacture it. Need an oil refinery.
            • This is what LAPSSET project hopes to solve.
      • HIPC
        • Its external debt is considered sustainable.
          • Result of FDI and loans from China. Their debt is now 52% of their GDP.
      • Conflicts
        • Somalia
          • Close to the LAPSSET project
            • May hinder the success of the LAPSSET project
      • Governance and corruption
        • Two leaders of the East African Community are Kenyan. May lead to bias.
          • Success of the East African Community? Reputation
    • Uganda
      • Development progress
        • 0.45 HDI- lowest development of the region.
      • Exports and imports
        • Dependent on Lake Victoria.
          • Water levels reduced due to drought and HEP.
            • Reduced by 3ft.
            • For electricity demand.
              • Led to blackouts.
      • HIPC
        • Qualified.
      • Conflicts
        • Previous conflict with Tanzania.
          • Effect of the East African Community and East African Federation
        • Conflict with the Lord Resistance Army
        • Intervened with the Rwandan civil conflict
    • Tanzania
      • Development progress
        • 0.47 HDI
      • Exports and imports
        • Demand for energy.
      • HIPC
        • Qualified
      • Conflicts
        • Previously had conflict with Uganda.
    • East African Rift Valley


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