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  • Prehistoric Medicine Tips and Tricks
    • 'Primitive peoples knew next to nothing about the true nature of disease.'
    • 'Primitive peoples that survive in the modern age seem to have built up a system of skills and behaviours that keeps them healthy in their environment
    • Think about arguments + facts
      • How prehistoric medicine reflected the ideas and practices of prehistoric society
      • What caused people to be healthy or unhealthy in prehistoric times
      • What ideas people in prehistoric times had about the causes and treatment of illness and injuries
      • Who provided medical care in prehistoric times
      • How much (or whether) medicine changed in prehistoric times
      • How (or whether) the process of change was influenced
        • Individuals
        • Science and technology
        • War
        • Government
        • Attitudes and beliefs in society
        • Trade
      • To what extent developments in medical understanding and practice in prehistoric times affected people's lives
  • Trade


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