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  • Body Image
    • The influence the media has on what teenagers believe they should look like.
    • How girls and boys are believed they must attain a genetically impossible body figures and without it they are judged.
    • Pressure
      • Education
        • The education system and it's many flaws.
          • Good results are seen as the only aspect that is signifigant
          • The stress it inflicts on students
          • Conveyor belt aspect - that you must fit the education systems mould or you are a failure.
      • Relationships
        • The pressure to send explicit photos and the consequences if you and don't.
        • The stigma inflicted by others of being in a relationship.
      • Social
        • Trying to fit in with the crowd
        • The influence of alcohol and its growing acceptance of being drunk under age
        • The growing impact of showing how 'perfect' your social life is by displaying it on social media
    • The extreme lengths teenagers will undertake to achieve the 'perfect' figure


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