edexcel AS Politics Pressure group typologies

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  • According to Aims
    • cause groups (campaign for issues)
      • sectional cause groups (campaign for an issue of a certain group)
        • E.G. unlock democracy
      • attitude cause groups (change attitudes)
        • E.G. greenpeace
      • political cause groups (force action)
        • E.G. NSPCC
      • They are inclusive as they look to establish a wide membership base
    • sectional groups (represent sections of society so represents the interests of their members)
      • E.G. BMA (British medical association)
      • They are  exclusive so in order to join you must meet certain requirements
    • Pressure Group Typologies
      • According to status
        • Outsider groups (are outside the political system)
          • Potential insiders (want to be insiders but not good enough)
          • Outsiders by necessity (don't want to be outsiders but government don't consult them)
            • E.G. fathers4justice
          • Ideological outsiders (avoid establishing close relationship with government)
            • E.G. amnesty international
        • Insider groups (regular contact with government)
          • Specialist insiders (groups that have areas of expertise)
            • E.G. WWF
          • Peripheral insiders (only consulted when their issue comes up)
            • E.G. the dogs trust
          • Core insider groups (good relationship with government)
            • E.G. BMA


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