primary and secondary characteristics of female and male puberty

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  • changes in pubery
    • primary charactersitics
      • -organs and cells that are present at birth but do not develop until puberty.        -changes in reproductiv organs and the pituitary gland induced changes
      • female primary charcaterstics
        • uterus enlarges and the vagina lengthens
        • the ovaries begin to release eggs
        • the menstrual cycle commences
      • male primary characteristics
        • enlargement of penis and testes
        • spontaneous erections caused by blood flowing into chambers of penis
        • the testicles begin to produce spermatozoa.
    • secondary charactersitcs
      • -develop during puberty outward       -signs of growing from child to adulthood
      • female secondary characteristics
        • breast develop and areola (the area around *******) swells and darkens
        • hair grows in armpits and pubic area
        • redistribution of body fat causing hips to widen
      • male secondary characteristics
        • changes in larynx (adams apple) causing voice to deepen
        • hair grows in armpits, facial hair and pubic hair
        • redistribution of muscle tissue and fat


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