Private limited company

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  • Private limited company (LTD)
    • definition
      • a company in which a number of shareholders (no more than 50) contribute funds to the company in return for shares. shares can't be sold on the stock exchange
    • advantages
      • the business has limited liability
      • easier to raise capital than partnership or sole traders as shares can be sold to a large number of people
      • partners can retain control of the company if they don't sell too many shares
      • management is shared
      • more specialisation can occur
      • the business will still exist if one of the shareholders die
    • disadvantages
      • expensive to set up
      • shares cant be sold to the public
      • accounts have to be lodged with registrar of companies
      • less privacy as members of the public can see them
      • shares cant be sold without the agreement of the other shareholders


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