problems elizabeth faced

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  • problems elizabeth faced during her accesion to the throne:
    • challenges abroad
      • created fear surrounding war or invasion.
      • religous divide throughout euope.
        • many catholic spain opposed the religous settlement
          • could impose a religous war, concering as elizabeth was financially weak
            • £300000 in debt
            • previous war with france and the desire to take back calais= more war/ lose land
      • similar to threat of mary queen of scots
    • religon
      • religous settlement: royal injunctions. reinforced the acts of uniformity and supremicy.
        • 8000 out of 10000 clergy accepted. 400 priests sacked early on: dissaproval of anticatholic policies.
        • links with forien threats, alliance based on religon.
      • many catholics opposed the settlement, leading to further rebellion.
      • large problem facing recusancy, suggesting many were having private mass.
        • recusants were fined, not executed as elizabeth wanted to be fair, although leneant attitude could lead in further problems facing legitamacy of the settlement.
    • intro: elizabeth faced numerous problems following her sucsession in 1558, especially during a time of religous divide within england, alongside powerful competitors abroad.
    • mary queen of scots.
      • elizabeths named successor and strongest opponent.
        • powerful influence throughout england, heavy support from catholic counries
      • powerful alliance with france and spain.
        • many catholics supported her and wanted her to be englands ruler
        • involved in many plots, such as  1569 plot with dofn


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