Proclamation of Charles II and his Return

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  • Proclamation of Charles II and his Return
    • May 1660
    • The Return of the King
      • 8th May: Parliament issued a declaration making Charles II the rightful king
      • Once everything was agreed, many MPs and officials travelled to the Netherlands to win his favour
      • 25th May: Charles lands in Dover and is greeted by Monck and the Mayor - there is much celebration
        • He arrived in London on the 29th May (also his 30th birthday) to more celebration
    • Why was the King Restored?
      • Despite the celebration, it was the circumstance that brought him back
      • The death of Cromwell revealed the problems in trying to govern without a recognised authority
      • There was a very real fear of a breakdown of law and order
      • The radicalism had alarmed conservatives
    • What next?
      • Puritans and Parliament was worried they would lose what they had gained in 1649
      • However, the country had be irreversibly changed
        • Charles was willing to work with Parliament after returning from exile


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