Propaganda, media, culture in Nazi Germany

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  • Propaganda, culture and media in Nazi Germany
    • Nuremburg Rallies
      • Goebbels organised huge rallies, marches
      • Took place summer each year
      • Rallies brought excitement in peoples lives
      • Gave them sense of belonging to a great movement
    • 1936 Olympics, Berlin
      • Goebbels convinced H that this was a great propaganda opportuinty
      • Goebbels built new stadium to hold 100,000 people
      • Germany came top in games - Jesse Owens (black), 4 gold, broke 11 world records
    • Media
      • No books published without Goebbels permission
      • Newspapers not allowed to print Anti-Nazi
      • Banned jazz music 'black' music blacks inferior
      • Goebbels placed loudspeakers in streets/public areas
        • H speeches and other Nazi leaders repeated in radio over and over again until ideas German people began believing that German expansion into eastern Europe and Jews were inferior were right


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