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  • Prospero
    • character development
      • magical power over nature
      • knowledge is his power
      • a foreboding character dealing out punishment and raising questions about reconciliation
    • prospero's forgiveness
      • been wronged by many characters
        • or is it justified
      • he is pivotal to the tempest's narrative when he sets Ariel free
      • surrogate of Shakespeare
    • prosperous final speech
      • compares himself to a playwright
        • asking for an applause
      • turns the scene into a celebration of art
      • becomes more likeable
      • shown his love for Miranda and ability to forgive his enemies
    • quotes
      • everything I have done has been in care of thee
        • "miranda is the catalyst of the play"
      • "let your indulgence set me free"
        • "a blasphemous play about a man allowed to play God"
      • "Poor worm, thou art infected"
      • visit my slave, Caliban
      • abhorred slave
      • poisonous slave, got by the devil himself


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