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  • psychodynamic
    • associated with the work of sigmund freud
      • focused on the abnormal behaviour and neurosis
        • claiming that neurosis and all undesirable behaviour was the result of conflict between our conscious and unconscious mind
    • refers to theories that emphasis change and development in humans
      • repression
        • blocking unacceptable thoughts and impulses
      • denial
        • refusal to accept reality to avoid painful feelings
      • displacement
        • re-directing thoughts and behaviour towards someone else
    • conflict in childhood leads to problems in later adulthood
      • shown in psychosexual stages
    • structure of personality
      • the ego
        • reality principle
        • compromise between id and ego
      • the superego
        • morality principle
        • leads to guilt
        • internalisation of societies rules
        • what is right or wrong
      • the id
        • pleasure principle
        • unconscious
        • demands immediate gratification
      • negative
        • small case study
          • not generalisable, may not apply to everyone
        • deterministic
          • we have no control over our lives as everything is driven by unconscious forces
        • doesn't meet the criterion of falsification
          • can be neither proved nor disproved
      • positive
        • had a big impact on psychology
          • drew attention to the connection between childhood experiences and later development
            • also drew attention to the influence of our unconscious
        • practical applications
          • development of psychoanalysis, creating a range of techniques to reach the subconscious, e.g. hypnosis to help treat issues such as mild neurosis
            • but can be dangerous in some mental illnesses e.g. schizophrenia
    • role of unconscious and conscious
      • thoughts and perceptions
        • conscious
        • superego
          • violent motives, fear, selfish needs, immoral images
            • unconscious
            • id
        • memories, stored knowledge
          • violent motives, fear, selfish needs, immoral images
            • unconscious
            • id
          • preconcious
          • superego
    • ego


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