Psychodynamic Approach

Mind Map covers three approaches: The influence of Childhood Experiences; The Unconscious Mind; Tripartite Personality.

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  • Psychodynamic
    • The Unconscious Mind
      • Defence mechanisms
        • Displacement [transfer of impulses from one person or object to another]
        • Projection [undesirable thoughts are attributed to someone else]
        • Repression [pushing painful memories deep down into our unconscious]
      • Conscious
        • Logical.
      • Preconscious
        • Line between conscious and unconscious.
      • Unconscious
        • Ruled by pleasure seeking.
    • Infuence of Childhood Experiences
      • Psychosexual stages
        • Oral (0-18m)
        • Anal (18m-3yrs)
        • Phallic (3-5yrs)
          • Oedipus Complex
            • Unconscious sexual desire for mother. Father seen as rival for mothers affection. Father bigger so threatened. castration anxiety. Identifies with father.
          • Electra Complex
            • Realise they don't have penis. Think mother removed it. Penis envy. Desire father and identify with mother. Penis envy becomes desire for baby.
        • Latency (5yrs-puberty)
        • Genital (puberty onwards)
    • Tripartite Personality
      • Id
        • (Birth) Pleasure principle. Impulsive.  Selfish.
        • In conflict.
          • Superego
            • (4yrs) Moral principle. sense of right and wrong.
      • Ego
        • (2yrs) Reality principle. Conscious. Rational.
      • Superego
        • (4yrs) Moral principle. sense of right and wrong.


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