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  • Psycho-pathology
    • Definitions of abnormality
      • Deviation from social norms
        • Norms are expected ways of behaving in society
      • Failure to function adequatly
        • When someone can no longer cope with the demands of everyday life
      • Statistical infrequency
        • Any relatively usual behaviour can be considered 'normal' differing behaviour is abnormal
      • Deviation from ideal mental health
        • Jahoda's criteria for mental well-being: Self actualisation; Accurate perception of reality; Positive attitudes to self; Personal autonomy; Resistance to stress; Adapt to environment
    • Phobias
      • Characteristics
        • Emotional
          • Anxiety: Unreasonable emotional responses
        • Behavioural
          • Panic; Avoidance; Endurance
        • Cognitive
          • Selective attention to phobic stimulus; Irrational beliefs; Cognitive distortions
      • two-process model
        • Acquired by classical conditioning , maintained by operant conditioning
      • Systematic desensitisation
        • Getting the patient relaxed in the presence of the phobic stimulus
      • Flooding
        • Exposing the patient directly to the phobic stimulus
    • OCD
      • Characteristics
        • Emotional
          • Anxiety/ distress; Depression; Guilt/disgust
        • Behavioural
          • Compulsive behaviour; Avoidance
        • Cognitive
          • Recurrent and persistent thoughts; Attentional bias; Catastrophic thinking
      • Genetic  explanations
        • Candidate genes; Polygenic; Different types
      • Drug therapy
        • SSRI
          • Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibiter
      • Neural explanations
        • Serotonin
    • Depression
      • Characteristics
        • Behavioural
          • Reduced Activity levels; Disruption to sleep/eating; Aggression/ selfharm
        • Emotional
          • Lowered mood; Anger; Lowered self esteem
        • Cognitive
          • Poor concentration; Dwelling on the negative; Absolutist thinking
      • Beck's negative triad
        • Automatic negative conditions that depression individuals are prone to
      • Ellis's ABC model
        • Activating event; Beliefs; Consequence
      • CBT
        • Identify negative thoughts; Challenge negative thoughts; Change attitudes


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