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  • Psychopathology
    • Definitions of abnormality
      • Deviation from social norms
      • Failure to function adequately
      • Statistical infrequency
      • Deviation n from social norms
    • Mental disorders
      • OCD
      • Depression
      • Phobias
    • The behavioural approach to explaining phobias
      • The two-process model
        • Classical conditioning
        • Operant conditioning
      • Social learning theory
    • The cognitive approach to explaining depression
      • Elli's ABC model
        • A- action is affected by, B-beliefs which results in, C-consequence
      • Beck's negative triad
        • Irrational + negative views of self, the world and the future.
    • The biological approach to explaining OCD
      • Genetics: SERT + COMT
      • Neural: Basal ganglia, OFC, thalamus
    • The behavioural approach to treating phobias
      • Systematic desensitisation
      • Flooding
    • The biological approach to treating OCD
      • Antidepressant: SSRI's
      • Antidepressants; Tricyclics
      • Anti-anxiety drugs: Xanax
    • The cognitive approach to treating depression
      • Ellis: D= dispute, E= effect
      • Beck: baseline, behavioral activation, reduces sense of worthlessness


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