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  • Private Sector
    • What is the Private Sector?
      • Managed by private companies who need to make a profit to stay in business. Paid for by the service user.
    • Examples of some settings that could be private
      • Hospitals
      • Dentists
      • Care Homes
      • Private Schools
      • Mental Health Services
      • Opticians
      • Nurseries
    • Who pays in the Private Sector?
      • Private sector services are usually paid for by the person who uses them.
      • Private sector healthcare might also be funded through health insurance such as Bupa and Vitality.
    • Should you go private? - Benefits
      • Takes the pressure or 'burden' off of the NHS.
      • Reduced waiting times (Longer waiting times on the NHS).
      • Private Rooms
      • A wider range of specialised treatment.
    • Should you go private? - Drawbacks
      • Service users have already paid for their medical care through their National Insurance.
      • Expensive (Inequality).
      • Doesn't cover everything (Including emergency treatment and any pre-existing illnesses).
      • Choosing a medical policy can be confusing.


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