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  • Charectars - Curious Incident
    • Ed
      • Quotations
        • "I promise you, I never meant for it to turn out like this."
          • Part 1, Page 79
          • After he finds Christopher on the floor after finding/reading the letter
        • "Jesus, Christopher, how stupid are you? What the hell did I tell you, Christopher?"
          • Part 1, Page 64
          • The start of the fight scene
        • "I'm sorry I hit you. I didn't mean to. I love you very much, Christopher. Don't ever forget that. I know I lose my rag occassionally."
          • Part 1, Page 65
          • After calming down after they fought
    • Christopher
      • Quotations
        • Ed -" Don't do this, Christopher" Christopher - "Get away from me"
          • These are Christophers own thoughts
          • Part 2, Page 101
        • "You're too old to be a policeman"
          • Part 2, Page 83
          • When Reverend Peters said he would like to be a policeman in the play Christopher doesnt want to make/do.
        • "No...36 Randolph Street..I needed to sit down and be quiet and think."
          • Part 2, Page 88
          • When the policeman questions/checks up on Christopher as be becomes overwhemled at the trainstatio.
    • Judy
      • Quotations
        • "I was not a very good mother, Christopher. Maybe if things had been different, maybe if you'd been different,"
          • Part 1, Page 74
          • Flashback to whats in the letter
            • Judy on stage with Christopher builidng a traintrack
        • "Come on, Christopher,touch my hand. Come on now. Stop screaming. Touch my hand. Listen to me,Christopher. You can do it. It's OK. There aren't any sharks in Cornwall.
          • Part 1, Page 63
          • From flashback at the beach
        • "Roger, for God's sake, please."
          • When Judy is trying to get Christopher to eat with a star chart, and Roger is being un-coopertive and difficult
          • Part 2, Page 118
    • Siobhan
      • Quotations
        • Untitled
        • "Right...Is that a fact"
          • Part 1, Page 50
          • Christopher and his book talking about about reason someone would kill a dog
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