Radioactivity Part 1

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  • Radioactivity
    • Radioactive Nuclei
      • Chemical change
        • Bonds between 2 atoms  are broken and new bonds are formed, Nuclei stay the same
      • Nuclear change
        • New atoms of different elements are formed
          • Because the Nuclei change
    • Radioactive Materials
      • Some atoms are stable, others are not in which case they are unbalanced
      • They want to become stable
        • In doing so they emit radiation energy or particles (aka radioactivity)
    • Radioactive Decay
      • Breaking up process
      • Atomic Nucleus of an unstable atom loses energy by emitting ionising Radiation
    • Background Radiation
      • There is always a small amount of radiation around us due to radioactive particles in the environment
      • Comes from many sources
      • Can be measured using a Geiger-Muller tube/counter
      • At high altitudes it increases because of more exposure to cosmic rays (sunrays)
      • Underground in mines it increases due to the surrounding rocks (depends on rock type)
  • Radioisotopes- Radioactive Isotopes


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