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  • Christianity beliefs
    • God
      • Nature of God
        • Christians belive there is only one God (monotheism)
        • God is the creatror and sustainer of all that exists
        • People can have a relationship with God through prayer
        • God is a spirit that is n either male nor female but has qualities of both
        • God is holy (set apart for a special purpose and worthy of worship)
        • Jesus is God's son and is the true representation of God on earth
      • Qualities of God
        • Omnipotent: God is all powerful and has unlimited authority
        • Omnibenevolent: God is all loving and uses his powers for good
        • Omniscient: God is all knowing
        • Just: God is fair and a just judge of humankind
        • Omnipresent: God is everywhere at once
        • Omnitemporal: God is eternal and is and timeless, doesnt exist in time
        • Godm is also: transcendent (above human understanding), forgiving, peaceful, compassionate, generous and is a guide
      • The oneness of God and the trinity
        • God is understood by Christians as a relationship of love between the father, the son and the holy spirit
        • God the Father: the creator of all life, acts as a good father towards his children and has the qualities of God
        • God the son: became incarnate through Jesus who was both fully human while on earth and fully God at all times
        • God the Holy Spirit is the unseen power of God at work in the world who influences, guides and sustains life on earth
    • Life after death
      • Views
        • Some christians belive a persons soul is resurected soon after death
        • Other Christians believe the dead will be resurrected at some time in the future when Jesus will return to judge everyone who has ever lived
        • Catholic and Orthodox Christians  believe in bodily resurrection. this means resurrection is both spiritual and physical: the physical body lost at death is restored and transformed into a new spiritual body
        • Some other Christians believe resurrection will be just spiritual not physical as well
      • A belief in resurrection..
        • means life after death is real
        • gives hope of a future life with Jesus
        • gives confidence in the face of death
        • shows christians how much God loves them
        • inspires Christians to live life in the way God wants them to so they can remain in his presence in this life and  the next
      • Judgement
        • Christians believe that after they die, God will judge them on their behaviour and actions during their lifetime, as well as their faith on Jesus as Gods son
        • The parable of the Sheep and the Goats teaches Christians that in serving others they are serving Jesus so this is the way they should live their life
        • before his death Jesus told his disciples that having faith in him and following his teachings was essential for being able to enter heaven
      • Heaven and Hell
        • After Gods judgement, Christians believe they will either experience eternal happiness int he presence of God or be unable to to experience Gods presence
        • Heaven is thought tp be a place of either spritual or physical stae of peace and joy, there is a variety of beliefs over who is allowed to enter heaven
        • Purgatory is an intermediate state where souls are cleansed in order to enter heaven, this is a catholic belief
        • Hell is the opposite of heaven
    • Sin and salvation
      • Original sin: Some Christians believe humans are born with a built in tendency to commit sin called original sin which came from Adam and Eve eating the apple
      • Some people believe God gave people free will but should use their freedom to make good choices
      • Salvation means to be saved from sin, it repairs the damage caused by sin which has separated people from God
      • Jesus' crucifixion made up for the original sin of Adam and Eve and restored the relationship between God and believers
      • A sin is any though or action that separates humans from God
    • Incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus
      • Incarnation: God was born as a human through Jesus- he son of God- Jesus was both fully God and fully human
      • On Good Friday Jesus is tried and put to death by crucifixion, he is buried in a tomb and on Easter Sunday he is resurrected. jesusmet with his disciples to prepare them and asked them to carry on his work before returning to his father in heaven.
      • Importance of the crucifixion: showed Christians that their sins will be forgiven if they repent, they also feels that God understands human suffering
      • Importance of the resurrection: Christians will be resurrected if they accept Jesus so no need to fear death
      • Importance of the ascension: shows that Jesus is with God in heaven, means the holy spirit can come give guidance


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