RE -- Life and Death (Abortion)

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  • RE -- Life and Death (Abortion)
    • Refers to the end of a pregnancy BEFORE the baby is able to survive out of the womb
      • Naturally is called a miscarriage and artificially is called termination
    • Pro Life quotes
      • "male and female he created them"
      • "Do not kill"
      • "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one came to be"
      • "you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb"
      • "if men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman...if there's serious  injury , you are to take life for life"
      • "tooth for tooth"
      • "An eye for and eye"
      • "you are God's temple...if anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred"
    • Church teachings about abortion
      • The majority of early churches disagreed with abortion
      • "Thou shalt not slay thy child by causing abortion" - Apostolic constitution
      • Some are pro-choice and some are pro-life
      • The basic agreement amongst Christians may be following
        • Abortion is a difficult choice and mothers making this decision need prayer
        • Life is a precious gift from God
        • Good sex education and responsibility Is important
        • Women who face an unwanted pregnancy should be give n care and support
    • The law allows are medical staff to abstain from performing abortions (eg/Catholic nurses)
      • Catholics may believe that life begins at contraception
    • Pro-choice quotes
      • "Love thy neighbour"
      • "Do as you would be done by"
    • Impacts
      • Pro-life
        • Join an organisation to campaign
          • Pro-choice
            • Support, pray, write to MP's etc
        • Picket clinics
        • March, hand out leaflets
      • Pro-choice
        • Support, pray, write to MP's etc
    • Areas to consider= Sanctity of life, quality of life, compassion (agape), free will, when life begins, law, who has rights, alternative options, arguments (pro-choice and pro-life)
    • Who has the right to an abortion= the Mother, the Father, unborn child, the Doctors, other children in the family, God, society
    • in December 2014, Court of Appeal ruled the unborn child was "not a person"
    • Views on abortion differ depending on priority given to sanctity of life
      • Catholics
        • Catholics + Orthodox think forbidden
        • Women of conception is alive
        • Terminating is the greater moral evil
        • They say Jesus would have encouraged women to give birth
      • CofE
        • All life is precious and a gift from God
        • If mothers life is in danger then abortion is accepted but not encouraged
    • Catholic Priest
      • No situation is ok, same as 6 month old baby
      • If you've had an abortion the will welcome you back into the church
      • Respond to violence with kindness (eg/ Bosnian women ***** by Serbian men)


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