RE -- Life and Death (Euthanasia)

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  • RE -- Life and Death (Euthanasia)
    • Means a good death
    • It depends on quality of life and sanctity of life
    • The different types of euthanasia
      • Voluntary Euthanasia
        • When a person chooses to ask for the end of their own life but they are incapable of ending it for themselves
      • Involuntary Euthanasia
        • When another person decides to end someones life  (for their best)
      • Assisted dying
        • Refers to someone terminally ill who can't end their own life
      • Passive Euthanasia
        • Someone allowed to die, eg. withdrawing treatment
      • Active Euthanasia
        • A deliberate action is taken to end one's own life
    • Humanist beliefs
      • In lots of circumstances voluntary euthanasia is morally right
      • See special value in human life but think that if an individual thinks life has lost meaning + value then that should be respected
      • Promote happiness and fulfilment
      • Right to choose a painless end
      • But need certain safeguards
      • Think about effects on others
    • Slippery slope
      • If you permit voluntary euthanasia, involuntary euthanasia will follow
    • "playing God"
      • Think it's not for doctors to 'play God'
      • Sanctity of life (life has intrinsic value)
    • Biblical and church teachings on Euthanasia
      • "A time to be born and a time to die"
      • "Take up your cross"
      • "I was sick and you look after me"
      • "He healed those whoo needed healing"
    • Church of England
      • "Those who become vulnerable through illness or disability deserve special care and protection"
    • Roman Catholic Church
      • "Grave violation of the law of God"
    • Case studies
      • Jack kervorkian (gave patients morphine)
      • Craig Ewert (went to dignities)
      • Terri Shiavo (Her husband disagreed with religious family, he would get payout, she was able to have rehab)
      • Rob Houben (woke up after 23 year coma, said he wouldn't)
    • For right to die
      • Human dignity, their control
      • Free will
      • Dignitas
        • Dignity in dying movement, people shouldn't have to take drastic measures
        • Unfortunately costs a lot and is illegal
    • Against right to die
      • CofE and Roman Catholic church
      • Would make it easier for doctors like Shipman to commit horrible crimes
      • The drive to cure terminal illnesses lessen
      • Slippery slope -- acceptances of such practises
      • Hospices are a better solution
    • Hospices
      • provide palliative care
      • look after elderly and family


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