reasons for crime

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  • reasons for crime
    • islam
      • most muslims believe that there is never any justification for committing crimes - especially in countries that follow Shari'ah law
        • "those who do not judge according to what god has revealed are doing grave wrong"
      • Zakah is in place to help people in poverty - muslims hope that community support will prevent muslims from turning to crime
      • the muslim emphasis on a strong extended family should ensure that children are brought up to respect the law by following the good examples that are set
      • Muslims forbid the taking of illegal drugs and alcohol. they believe that alcohol is a temptation which will lead people to do wrong and should be resisted
      • hatred is against muslim morality
      • in countries where Shari'ah law exists, it should not be considered necessary to protest an unjust law as muslims believe none of God's laws can be unjust
    • Christianity
      • Christians believe there is rarely any justification for committing crimes, especially as they believe God has put lawmaking authorities in place
        • they believe laws are important for keeping order in society so people may live in peace
        • "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities"
      • Christians condemn stealing but they are keen to ensure nobody is too poor
        • Pope Francis said "focusing on poverty and sacrificing for the poor are the heart of the gospel"
      • most denominations do not forbid drinking alcohol - but for Catholics, drunkness is a sin and no denomination encourages excessive drinking
      • in the ten commandments, christians are taught not to covet - envy is one of the seven deadly sins


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