Reasons for personal rule

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  • reasons for personal rule
    • Buckingham
      • Flirted with the french queen which caused tension with france
      • parliament saw the king to be over reliant on Buckingham to lead expeditions and make foreign policy decisions
      • Cadiz 1625 - an attack on spain leade by buck. they found wine and got drunk, abnandoning the mission. they were also severely underprepared
      • expedition to the rhe, which was in the path of getting to la rochelle to help protestants. he was too in experiences, didnt recieve enough aid or resouces
        • ladders too short
      • charles defends him but parliament were suspicious of wherre their subsisides had gone
      • parliament disliked him because of monopolies under james
    • Parliaments own actions
      • foreign policy meant they wouldnt grant subsidies
      • their failure to vote subsidies made defeat in wars more likely
      • the promotion of arminians led to parliament attacking those whoa greed with the royal perogative
        • imprisoning mainwering, but charles pardonned him. this upset parliament as they felt their rights had been violated
      • buck reduced the power of privy council so they didnt like him
      • refused to grant tonnage and poundage for frist time since 15th centure
      • wouldnt give cahrles funds to try pressure buckingham out
      • they openly celebrated buckinghams death,causing tension
      • bill of right
        • but limits on the king, unparliamentary taxation, martial law, imprisonment without cause, forced billeting for soliders
    • Charles himself
      • blamed parliament for bucks assassination
      • charles felt he didn't have to explain his policies to parliament
      • was painfully shy because of his stammer, didnt debate his policies effectively
      • 5 knights case, charles tried to force loans, people were arrested for not paying them. they stated habeus corpus, but charles overruled
      • charles was untrusted because when the 5 knights were imrisoned parliamnet had made a petition of rights
        • he kept changing his mind as to whether he would accept or not, so they difn ttrust him anymore
    • long term factors like james 1
      • a decision made by james was that England would ally with france against la rochelle, where there were protestants in a catholic country (france)
        • Britain was a protestant country against a protestant area, allied with catholics
          • this was caused by james wanting to secure marriage with spanish princess for charles
      • james' decisions meant that charles would be involved in two wars at once, making it extremely difficult for him
        • he needed funds, taxes and subsidies which caused issues
      • james also used royal perogative to gain funds, not parliamentry taxation
      • inherited a difficult situation
      • the army had always been neglected, so had to import soliders at a huge cost, from netherlands


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