Reasons Lancastrians lost the throne 1461

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  • Why Lancastrians lost the throne 1461?
    • Lancastrian Misgovernance
      • MoA Factionalism
        • Parliament of Devils: 27 Yorkists attained (7 peers)
          • York moved to Ireland and essentially ruled it = Margaret made no effort to replace York, even when Earl of Wiltshire was appointed Lieutenant of Ireland in December 1459
          • 67/97 invited peers attended - One of the best attended Parliament's in the time period
        • 1456: Coventry powerbase (Swan badges handed out)
          • Supported by Jasper Tudor + Earl of Shrewsbury
        • May 1459: Letters sent out summoning military + weapons to Leicester that month
          • June 1459: Great Council summoned to meet at Coventry (Those who failed to come were indicted)
        • September 1459, Blore Heath: No one took up her offer of being pardoned of you week involved in Lord Audley's death
      • Poor Leadership
        • HVI too ill to govern past 1456 (Loveday was his last independent action)
        • Yorkists captured HVI at St Albans
          • York made Constable of England + Warwick Captain of Calais
    • Yorkist Strength
      • New Yorkist Figurehead
        • EIV; Young (18), military experience (Mortimer's Cross), and no baggage of treason claims
        • Paraphernalia used as sigil - Seen at Mortimer's Cross
        • Since July 1460, London gave Yorkist cause over £7500
      • Earl of Warwick, Kingmaker
        • Captain of Calais (Only standing army in England)
          • Calais garrison loyal to Warwick as he paid them (Committed piracy to get money)
          • April 1460, Battle of Newham Bridge: Garrison shot at Somerset's boat when he was meant to replace Warwick as Captain
          • Battle of Towton: Warwick not present but the garrison fought on behalf of the Yorkists
        • July 1460, Battle of Northampton:HVI is captured + Lord Grey of Ruthin defects to Yorkists
          • Warwick told troops not to attack men with Grey's sigil
        • May 1455, Battle of St Albans
          • Lead troops through garden bushes in the back
          • Killed Earl of Northumberland (Percy, northern rival)
        • Present at Loveday
          • 7 months later, he defies the government when asked too answer charges on piracy  (October 1458)
      • York's Ambition
        • To be Chief Councillor 1455 - 1459 - Seen in Second Protectorate
          • Defence of St Albans: Claimed Somerset concealed letters York sent to HVI which proved his loyalty
          • Reduced household expenditure £24K --> £5K
            • Queen limited to 10K marks
          • Uplifted Yorkists
            • Warwick = Captain of Calais
            • Salisbury = Chancellor (Later to be Thomas Bourchier)
          • Ended Courtenay-Bonville feud in south west
            • Murder of Nicholas Rashford (Bonville's lawyer)
            • Battle of Cyst December 1459: York intervened and placed Earl of Devon in the Tower of London
        • To be King 1459 - 1460
          • Parliament of Devils (November 1459
          • October 1460: Claims throne
            • Act of Accord (Post-Northampton)in October 1460


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