Recast Techniques

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  • Recast Technique
    • Main Body
      • 10 key points from extract
      • Type of language to be used
        • Rhetorical devices when writing persuasively for an audience
        • Hyperlinks for website, facts and figures for wikipedia etc...
        • Structure, bullet points, headings, addresses etc...
        • Emotive language for speeches
        • Formal language for serious topics
      • Introduction Paragraph
    • Commentary
      • Purpose
        • Who your NEW audience are
        • What you're trying to achieve with the recast
      • Content
        • Why you picked the information that you did
      • Language Used
        • Use quotes from the main body
        • Why you used certain techniques, adjectives, alliteration, possessive pronouns etc...
        • If you used rhetorics or imagery
      • Context
        • How the type of recast effected the language that you used
        • What you changed from the original to make it more appropriate for the recast
        • Include this through the whole commentary
      • Evaluation
        • Sum up the things in the commentary
        • Use the word CONTEXT


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