Reconstructive Memory

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  • Reconstructive Memory
    • Schema - mental package containing knowledge, personal experiences, WAR OF THE GHOSTS BARTLETT, ideas are not normal and so we do not remember them.
    • Evaluation - STRENGTH = eye witness testimony, details change, gun = men and not woman, evidence in court is never only based on EWT only bc it can be inaccurate. STRENGTH = WAR OF THE GHOSTS pps tried to make sense of story evidence of rationaliation confabulation and shortening, shows we reconstruct memories. WEAKNESS = not all memories affected by schema, recall can be accurate, WAR OF THE GHOSTS people recalled VERY weird sentences, some people do not reconstruct memories.
    • Rationalisation - distorted memory to fit schema, strange memories then make more sense, WAR OF THE GHOSTS people replaced arrows with gun.
    • Confabulation - parts of memory invented to fill gaps, makes sense of memory, WAR OF THE GHOSTS pps recalled details that didn't happen
    • Shortening - parts of memory left out, unfamiliar, WAR OF THE GHOSTS


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