Reductionist approach mindmap

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  • Reductionist approach
    • Def- The belief that human behaviour is best explained by breaking it down in to smaller parts.
      • Simplism is the best way to explain our decisions and the actions we make
        • Reduce any complex baby down to a set of variables that show a cause and effect.
    • Based on the scientific assumption of parsimony
      • Any complex phenomena should be explained using the most simple concepts
      • Any behaviours or mental processes can be explained using science.
    • Types of approaches that are reductionist: Biological, behaviourism, cognitive
    • Reductionism works at different levels
      • Lowest level is merely psychological explanation
    • Some argue that this approach lacks validity
    • Being a reductionist does not mean you can measure feeling
      • For it to be scientific it needs to be measureable
    • It also does not explain certain behaviours we have
      • It is better at answering smaller questions like why we recognise faces but not explaining things like attraction
    • It can lead to incomplete explanations


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