Regeneration: HS2

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  • HS2
    • PROS
      • Triple capacity on trains --> less smaller trains --> more freight trains --> less lorries
      • reduces road congestion
      • 22,000 employment opportunities
      • Quicker journeys (London-Birmingham < 1hr) speeds of up to 250mph
      • Reduce short distance air travel
      • Environmental impact offset by planting trees & formation of 'green tunnels'
    • CONS
      • Cost upwards of £88bn - money could be better spent improving current infrastructure of invested in public sector e.g NHS
      • Cheaper & more effective ways of increasing capacity on trains
      • Now more people are working from home the benefits to people may only be minimal
      • Takes a long time to build - may not be finished until 2040
      • Planned to go through picturesque Chilterns & Midlands - decrease land value, destroys wildlife and habitats


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