Woyzeck relationships

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  • relationships in Woyzeck
    • post it
      • visual representation of who has power in the scene
    • thought track
    • swap roles
      • actor understands other characters emotions and motifs
    • sociogram
      • to vocalise and justify position in relation to each character
    • rope connection
      • explore tension within relationship
    • step power
      • a visual representation of who is in power and how is recessive at each point of the scene
    • trigger word
      • to understand what ensued each respone
    • eye gaze
      • to gain understanding of natural  moments of connection between characters
    • chair hop
      • to display proxemics and so characters reactions in relation to each character at different parts of the scene
    • contrasting emotions 'worried for' 'worried by'
      • allows to explore circumstance and emotion in relation to relationship
    • actioning
      • what they want to do to another  character 'I...'
    • unit objectives
      • clear understanding of characters intensions in relation to other characters 'I want to...'
    • primitive sound
      • animalistic nature of the relationships in the text.
    • music
      • explore emotion in relationship in a number of ways to understand what it best for characters


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