Religion and social groups

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  • Religion and Social groups
    • Age
      • In the 2011 census 22% of Christians in England and Wales were over 65.
      • only 3.9 of Muslims were over 65.
      • People who said they had no religion teneded to be younger
      • Middle aged groups are most likely to be involved in World affirming movements
      • Sects and cult are more likely to appeal to young adults
    • Gender
      • Women are more likely to attend church
        • Women are the primary care giver
      • Women live longer so are more likely to get lonely and attend church
      • Beauvoir - women are more likely to be portayed closer to god in religious imagery
      • Holm - religions both exploit and subordinate women
      • Women participate in sect more
    • Ethnicity
      • Religion maintains a sense of community amongst ethnic minority groups
      • Davie - identifying with an organisation gives a sense of belonging
      • Madood et al - many muslim girls feel liberated by wearing headscarfs
      • Bruce - Cultural tansition
    • Religiosity is the level of a persons connection to all aspects of religion
    • Class
      • Middle class is disproportionality Anglican and Quaker
      • 62% of regular church goers are middle class
      • Church is an opportunity for social networking
      • Bruce - cults are primarily middle class
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