religion and related stuff in Elizabethan England

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  • religion in Elizabethan England
    • types of religion
      • Catholics
        • bible and church services should be in Latin
        • confessions of sins and attending mass kept them from going to Hell
        • priests wore highly decorated robes and churches were decorated to honour god
        • pope was head of the church, followed by cardinals and bishops, then priests
        • priests can't marry
        • only god can forgive sins
        • papal bull- a written order from the pope to excommunicate the queen.
      • protestants
        • no pope
        • no special clothing or decoration
        • no cardinals, archbishops or bishops
        • bible and services in your own language
        • priests can marry
      • puritians
        • more extreme protestants
        • no crucifexes
        • should ban sinful activities
        • no vestements
        • no bishops
    • plots
      • revolt of the northern earls- 1569
        • leaders- Charles Neville (earl of Westmorland), Thomas Percy (Earl of Northumberland)
        • signal for rebellion- church bells ringing backwards
        • freed Mary Queen of Scots, burnt 600 books
        • 6000 rebels
        • Percy was captured and executed
        • 800 rebels were killed
        • 2 earls fled to Scotland
      • the ridolfi plot- 1571
        • Mary Queen of Scots, William Cecil, Phillip I, Robert Ridolfi, Duke of Alba
        • trying to overthrow Elizabeth
        • Duke of Alba prepared 10,000 troops
        • Ridolfi talked to Catholic leaders
        • Consequence is that Elizabeth improved relations with France
      • the Babington plot 1586
        • dutch people, duke of Guise, Mary Queen of Scots, Phillip I, the pope, Anthony Babington
        • Babington wrote to Mary and Francis Walsingham read the letters and stopped them
        • Duke of Guise invaded with 60,000 men
        • 300 arrests, 31 priests executed
        • Mary was executed
        • Babington was hung
        • 1/4 died
      • the Throckmorton Plot
        • Mary Queen of Scots, Duke of Guise, Francis Walsingham, Francis Throckmorton
        • duke of York frees Mary Queen of Scots
        • Phillip gives money, pope gave them permission
        • Throckmorton gets arrested with 11000 Catholics
        • Elizabeth takes action


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