Religion under Augustus

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  • Religion under Augustus
    • Background information
      • Religion in Rome bled into daily life.
      • No set religion in Rome
        • No idea of conversion
        • No idea of Hell or eternal damnation
      • Ways of worshiping in the Gods.
        • Libations
        • Curses and prayers
        • Animal Sacrifices
          • Ara Pacis
      • Rome never worshipped anyone still alive.
    • Changes under Augustus
      • Restored Ancient Cults as well as created his own
      • Made Julius Caesar a God
        • 42BC
          • Forum of Augustus
        • Allowed Augustus to have this as propaganda on coins - calling himself the "son of a God"
          • Drusus founded an Altar to Roma and Augustus in Lyon - 12BC
      • Lares
        • Protective Spirits
        • Each District in Rome had its own shrine to a Lares  -14 in total
        • Augustus revived public shrines to Lares
          • Res Gestae Chapter 19


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