Religion and Community Cohesion

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  • How and why attitudes to the roles of men and women have changed in the UK
    • Why
      • during 1st and 2nd W.W.s, women had to take on many of the jobs previously done by men and proved they could do them just as well
      • development for equal rights for women in other countries (N.Z. was 1st to give women equal political rights) made it difficult to claim it was not needed
      • success of women as councillors and important contribution of women to developments in health and social care = women just as good as men
      • suffragette movement gained equal voting and political rights for women - showed men in authority that women no longer prepared to be treated as 2nd class citizens
      • 1950-60s = social and industrial developments = need for more women workers and marries women provide 2nd income
      • UN Declaration of Human Rights and development of Feminist Movement = case put forward, not to be contradicted
      • Labour governments of 1964-70 and 1974-79 were dedicated to equal rights campaign and passed Equal Pay Act and Sex Discrimination Act


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