Religion & State Key terms

Religion & Human experiences, WJEC Religious studies specification B

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  • Religion & State Key terms.
    • Authority
      • Someone with a right or power over others.
        • Secular authority is the law
        • Religious authority faith leaders sacred texts
    • Duty
      • expected because of someone's job or responsibility
        • Contract they have entered
        • Religious beliefs
    • Punishment
      • To make someone suffer pain or loss for a wrong doing
        • Deter others
        • Get justice
        • Protect society
    • Personal conviction
      • Something a person feels strongly about may be based on a belief or experience
    • Justice
      • Where everyone has equal opportunities.
        • Religious believers campaign for social justice
    • Human rights
      • Humans should expect to be able to have or do
        • Shelter
        • Food
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