Weber: Religion As A Force For Change

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  • Weber: Religion As A Force For Change
    • Calvinism
      • Weber claimed that Calvinist beliefs helped the emergence of modern capitalism.      Calvinists live to work by reinvesting their earnings back into their business; money is a potential sign they are chosen.
    • Hinduism and Confucianism
      • India and China had a lot of growth but capitalism didn't flourish. Weber claimed that this was due to the lack of a belief system similar to Calvinism. Hinduism considered the next worlds whereas Confucianism didn't encourage people to systematically make money.
    • Evaluation
      • Weber  furthers the ideas of Marxism and looks to cultural factors being present for a change to occur. However, some countries held Calvinist ideas (Scotland) but capitalism didn't flourish. Tawney claims the bourgeoisie adopted Calvinist beliefs to legitimate their financial gain.


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