Religious experience scholars

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  • Religious experience scholars
    • Rudolph Otto
      • mysterium tremendum et fascinans
      • Numinous is part of all religious experiences
    • Freud
      • Pschological
      • Influenced by repressed sexual desires as a child
    • William James
      • iron bar and magnets
    • Swinburne
      • Testimony and Credulity
        • Principle of Credulity- usually as they appear
        • Principle of  Testimony- don't need to question the things being said
      • Prior Probability
        • People who are already religious are more likely to have an experience
    • Marx
      • sociology
      • religion is the opiate of the people
    • Davis
      • religious experience doesn't point to one God
    • Hume and Ayer
      • would reject religious. exp. because it is unverifiable
    • Ellen G White
      • created the Pentecostal baptists. said she had visions but it was epilepsy
    • The Toronto Blessing
      • corporate religious experience
      • Hanegraff- "the Toronto blessing has done more damage than good."
    • St Paul and Nicky Cruz
      • both had conversion experiences
      • St Paul head a voice and saw a blinding white light. "why do you persecute me?" Acts 9:4
      • Nicky Cruz was a leader of a New York gang. was converted by a priest.


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