religious langauge

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  • Religious language
    • Apophatic way ( via negativa)
      • the apophatic ways involves speaking of God in negative terms, emphasising the difference between God and humnaity
      • those that follow via negativa argue that these are statements of fact
      • any descriptions that give God positive attributes are misleading e.g. God is a king or a shepard implies God has a body or is male or follows a job description.
      • even saying 'God is love' makes people think of human love which has many limitations
      • it is argued that it is better to accept the mysteries of God than to try pin God down using flawed concepts
      • Pseudo - Dionysuis  = argued that via negativa is the only way to speak truthfully about God because Gos is beyond all understanding and imagination
      • supporters: jewish thinker - moses maimonides and buddahist
      • criticism: Davies criticises maimonides and his 'ship' example - could be describing many things


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