Elizabeth's relgious problems

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  • Religious problems for Elizabeth
    • Warnings from the past: Elizabeth knew from other Kings and Queens that religious changes had led to protests and rebellions in the past.  For example the Wyatt rebellion when Mary I changed England to be Catholic again
    • Elizabeth had to consider how changing religion would affect relations with France, Spain and Scotland.  If she upset the Pope he could excommunicate her and then Catholics in England would not have to obey her. It could also spark an invasion!
    • Support for Catholicism: Most people were Catholic and disliked religious change, especially in the North of England.  They really cared about how the church looked and what the priests wore.
    • Support from Protestantism: Elizabeth was Protestant and her supporters were Protestant.  These people had been loyal to her and many now were on her Privy Council.  They would expect Elizabeth to make England Protestant.


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