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  • Remembering
    • Recall
      • Free (no assistance, generating answer from memory) and Cued (Cue, 'it starts with 'f', we have more than we can access.
    • Evaluation STRENGTH = mnemonics, BIDMAS, understanding helps us to improve. STRENGTH = pps had to remember catergoried words, some given catrgoies when remembering some not, cues important and cued recall it better. WEAKNESS = cues not for everyday, context related rarely happen, useless everyday.
    • Cues
      • Meaningful (learnt with other meaningful material, e.g. STM = short duration and limited capacity) and non-meaningful (weather outside, when it does that weather again you remember what you were learning).
    • Recognition
      • Encountered before, couldn't recall name of something 30 years ago but would recognise if said, we store more in LTM than we can retrieve.


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