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  • Renaissance
    • Change
      • The Printing Press- 1440 Gutenberg
        • spreading ideas
        • Easier to critique theories
      • PhilosophicalTransaction- the royal society's journal-
        • Allowed for peer review
    • Continuity
      • Still used old methods (e.g. bloodletting)
      • Europe was still very religious and so doctors till believed the supernatural could cause illness
      • The Royal touch
      • Wise woman and apothecaries still cured disease
    • Thomas Sydenham
      • Treating patients by observing outcomes rather than learning from books
      • Classified diseased based on the symptoms he had observed
    • Hospitals
      • Introduction of specialist wards (e.g. maternity ward)
      • Poor people looked after in workhouses
      • Most treatment was still based on the 4 humours but superstition was becoming less pop
      • More public hospitals in 1700s leading to more patients
    • Vesalius
      • Used dissections on criminals to prove Galen's theories wrong
      • Fabric of the Human Body- 1543
    • William Harvey
      • Thought blood circulated around the body instead of Galen's idea of it getting used up and made in the liver
      • Showed blood could only flow one way
      • His ideas weren't excepted at first and bloodletting continued


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