Research methods

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  • Research methods
    • Evaluation points.
      • Generalisable/ representative
      • Social desirability
        • Look good to other
    • Sampling techniques
      • Oppurtunistic
        • Anyone who is around at the time of the study
          • Advantage- quick and easy.
          • Disadvantage- not representative and bias
      • Systematic
        • Using the nth term. e.g A list of 100 people and you pick every 5
          • Advantage-provides a representativesample
            • Disadvantage-Costs time and money
      • Random
        • Picking participants randomly
          • Advantage- Representative
            • Disadvantage- Time consuming, costs.
      • Volunteer
        • Volunteering to be in the study
      • Stratified
        • Getting participants with the same characteristics to be apart of the study
          • Advantage-Findings will be highly representativeso can be generalised
            • Disadvantage-Highly time consuming. Rarely used in psychology
    • Types of experiments
      • Lab experiment
        • experiments carried out in highly controlled surrounds, usually with equipment.
          • Untitled
  • Can the findings from the sample be applied to the target population?
  • Imposing your own views towards the study
    • Bias
  • Practicality
    • How easy is it to do. Time, cost?


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