Research Methods

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  • Sociology Research Methods
    • Respondent Validation
      • a researcher provides the people on whom they're has conducting research on with an account of his or her findings and requests feedback on that account.
    • Longitudinal Study
      • researchers repeatedly examine the same individuals to detect any changes that might occur over a period of time.
    • Interpretation of data
      • Qualitative vs quantitive
        • Quantative
          • Offers reliable and continuous data
          • Faster and easier
          • Unable to follow up answers as may be anonymous
          • Limited answers
          • Upholds anonymity
          • Trustworthy and repeatable
        • Qualitative
          • Explores in-depth
          • Flexibility
          • Bias in sample selection
          • Open-ended, no right or wrong answers
          • Not statistically representative
          • Difficult to replicate
        • Quantitative data can be counted, measured, and expressed using numbers. Qualitative data is descriptive and conceptual. Qualitative data can be categorized based on traits and characteristics.
    • The relationship between social policy and sociology
      • Social policy addresses how states and societies respond to global challenges of social, demographic and economic change, and of poverty, migration and globalisation.
        • Some examples of social policies include: government pensions, welfare for the poor, food stamps, affordable housing initiatives, health care, unemployment benefits, equal opportunity employment laws, antidiscrimination laws, and policy initiatives which are designed to benefit disadvantaged people in society
        • The main goal of social policies is to ensure that everyone in society lives in peace and harmony away from conflicts. With social policies, it is aimed to ensure social justice, social development, social balance, social integration, and social peace.


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