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  • Research Questions
    • Background On Abraham Lincoln
    • Politics During This Period
      • Republicans
      • The Whig Party
      • Democrats
      • Policies and Principles
      • Promises
    • Lincoln's Individual Political Visions and Stance
    • How did Lincoln Achieve Power and Presidency
    • The Civil War and The Issue of Slavery
      • The North and The South
      • Event that influenced the Abolishment of Slavery
      • Reasons For The Outbreak of War
    • Who Resolved The Crisis? Lincoln or Other Politicians?
    • How Did The War End?
    • How Was Slavery Abolished? Political Processes and Legislation.
    • How Was Lincoln Involved In The Processes Leading To The 13th Amendment?
    • What Were Lincoln’s Priorities?
      • To End The War?
      • To Abolish Slavery?
      • Did he just react to the mood of the people?
    • How Involved Were Other Politicians In The Abolishment Of Slavery?
    • Would Slavery Have Been Abolished Were It Not For The American Civil War?
    • Was The Abolishment Of Slavery Necessary To End The War?


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