Resources of the UK Prime Minister

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  • Resources of the Prime Minister
    • Public standing
      • The Prime minister has a high public profile providing political leadership at home and representation of the UK in foreign affairs
      • Position as communicator-in-chief of the government means that they are responsible for informing policy programme and objectives
    • Authority in the Cabinet system
      • Roles within the cabinet system give a Prime Minister power
      • However, this power can be limited depending on the authority a Prime Minister can command within a cabinet
    • Party leadership
      • A prime minister is the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons
      • A majority in parliament strengthens a Prime Minister's position as they are better able to enact government agenda
      • Provides a significant constraint to power - particularly when there are a lot of backbench rebellions
    • Patronage powers
      • The power to appoint figures such as government ministers or influential figures such as life peers
    • Policy making input
      • Policy making area not confined, unlike government ministers
      • Prime ministerial policy making power becomes highly important at times of crisis
      • The Prime Minister drives the policy of the government - stands on a mandate to do so
    • These resources do not guarantee Prime Ministerial power and are subject to constraints and vary from each leader to the next


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