OCR English Literature and Language Anthology (EMC)

For the OCR Exam Board English Literature and Language (EMC) Paper 1, Version 2 of the Anthology of Texts - spoken and written word.

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  • OCR Anthology Revision - 16%, 32 marks, 1 hour exam closed book
    • What will be assessed?
      • AO1 - Apply concepts ad methods from linguistic and literary study - terminology
      • AO2 - Analyse ways meanings are shaped by texts - purpose and HOW
      • AO3- Understanding of significance and influence of context
      • AO4 - Explore connections between texts, informed by concepts and methods
      • AO5 - Demonstrate expertise and creativity in use of English to communicate
    • Techniques to consider
      • stylistics - how linguistic choices influence effect of the text, phatic talk -regular conversational
      • metalanguage - language use to describe language features e.g. articles, modal verbs
      • phonology - the way sounds are used in words
      • lexis - word choice, syntax - word order, semantics- impact an reasons, meanings and connotations e.g. semantic feel, imagery, metaphor
      • pragmatics - way language is understood in context (time)
      • foregrounding - what readers attention is drawn to at specific point in text, euphemistic language & allusions
      • parallelism - setting up of textual patterns deviation - breaking of textual patterns (internal e.g. pattern already set in text or external e.g. conventional ways of communicating like genre is flouted)
      • word classes - proper noun, abstract out etc., pre modifying and post modifying adjectives, comparative, superlative,intensifier, transitive verb, intransitive verb auxiliary (primary and modal), conjunct, disjunct, adjunct,
      • cont - pronouns (possessive, personal), determiners, prepositions, conjunctions,
      • tense, tone, voice (passive, active), certainty), who has power (who is speaking and how), multi modal - images?
      • schema (convention of genre), agenda, the four maxims (quality, quantity, relevance, politeness, sentence types e.g. interrogative, syllabic? , alliteration, cohesion, filler language
      • anaphora, Mode, Audience, Purpose, emotion, hyperbole, humour, informal 'slang', dialect and idiolect, colloquialisms, ellipisis, chronology
    • How should responses be structured?
      • Focus on MAP and make links / compare between texts
      • Two to three highly annotated quotations in analytical detail - ensure links to theme and question
      • The second text you need to compare to will be unseen, so make detailed comparisons and use context


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