Results of the Five Year Plans: Comprehensive Mindmap

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  • Results of the Five Year Plans
    • Stunning new architectural projects like the underground Moscow Railway / Dnieprostroi Dam
      • however many workers died making it, eg 100,000 in belomor canal
    • a lot of inefficiency (underproduction), substandard goods and duplication of effort and waste (overproduction)
    • Low wages (more workers same work)
    • women employed for the first time; societal shift
    • 35.4 mill tonnes of coal i(27) < 128 mil (37)
    • 36.2 1000 million kw hours in 37 compared to 5.05 (27)
    • 28.5 million tons of oil (37) comp to 11.7 (27)
    • 4 million tons of steel in 27 < 17.7 (37)
    • Saved them from hitler attack in 1941
    • Propaganda showed victory over capitalist comment
    • Terrible living conditions (overcrowding, only 2 rooms)
    • Huge new steel mills coming up from nothing in Urals and Siberia
      • magnitogorsk- urals and sverdlovsk - siberia
    • Workers build industry from scratch in areas like Uzbekistan and Kazakhastan
      • russian 'experts' flooded these muslim republics
    • new dams + hydroelctricity
    • New railways + canals
      • belomor
    • Exploitation of Siberia's natural resources by intensified mining for coal, zinc and iron in FYPpt2.
    • Stalin's personal reputation became associated with all the new great achievements like new dams and railways
    • Establlished the USSR as an industrial power
      • Saved them from hitler attack in 1941
    • Increased production of farming equipment esp tractors to make farms more productive
    • became stalin's way of controlling the country with no interference from political contenders
    • huge new steel mills that impressed foreigners; established USSR position
    • mass death of workers
    • unemployement basically eradicated
    • kulaks sent to camps
    • Islamic principles banned and stalin glory (religion) promoted
      • jews sent 2 camps 2
    • job instabilities
      • internal passports created, govt control inc.
    • free education and college courses that encouraged learning about the workplace
    • culture of working hard; bonuses for meeting targets, alexei stakhanov
    • thousands of deaths and accidents
    • more doctors per head than UK by 1940


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