Revalidation and safeguarding

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  • Revalidation
    • Professionals have a responsibility to register with the relevant professional body
      • GMC
      • NMC
      • HCPC
      • Must follow any procedures for revalidation
    • Definition
      • Provinf your compitence in order to stay registered with the professional body
    • Nurses and Midwives
      • NMC - Nursing Medical Council
      • To be revalidated you need to:
        • Think about feedback (5 pieces in the past 3 years)
        • Find time for reflection (5 written reflections within 3 years)
        • A portfolio about training and courses
        • Keep up to date - portfolio and knowledge
    • Standards of practice
      • Set out how organisations expect registrants to behave
      • Outline what the public can expect
      • Help make decisions about the character of professionals who apply to the register
    • Whistleblowing
      • Professional bodies are where serious compliants should be told to
      • Can be a worker or settings/ organisations


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