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  • Revision Notes
    • Full Time vs Part Time
      • Full time: one worker, cheaper training costs, can only work certain hours, no one to cover if this person is unavailable
      • Part Time: More flexible hours, twice as much work done, one can cover for the other, more expensive training costs
    • Stages of Recruitment
      • Job description: includes  pay, hours, skills required, what you will be doing
      • Internal :Apointing an existing employee, advantages: you know the person and how reliable they are and how good they are at their job. Disadvantage: you could miss out on someone better from outside the business
      • External: Appointing an employee from outside the business. Advantages: New skill and ideas, an asset to the business. Disadvantages: They don't know how reliable the person is without seeing them work
    • Rewarding Employees
      • Methods of motivation
        • Training, monetary benefits, eg a pay rise, bonus, pension, or non monetary, private health care, company car, discount for other companies, sports and social facilities, dental care
      • Rewarding employees can be done by giving a certificate/medal/trophy.
    • Employers responsibilities
      • Make sure staff are trained to use all equipment
      • Make sure all staff are properly equipped/modified to use any machinery that needs to be changed for their comfort
      • Provide equal pay, not discrimination against races/genders
      • Give all  employees a contract of employment
  • This can be done in the company branch or office and during AGM's or award ceremonies. This is motivational because it makes others want to work hard to get an award of their own.


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