Right Realism

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  • Right Realism
    • See crime as a major and increasing problem
      • It is important to maintain order from society to run smoothly
      • they look for practical ways to achieve this
    • Reflect the idea that crime can be explained in terms of structures causes
      • Such a increasing inequality
      • They focus on the individual offenders role and the role of law enforcement in preventing crime
    • Crime as a Rational Choice
      • Wilson
      • Crime is committed when the chances are highest of getting maximum rewards with minimum risk
        • Way out the benefits and balance these against the risks of getting caught
        • Is crime is more profitable that taking a job, crime will increase
      • if you can get away with crime, it will increase
        • Informal controls break down, and become weak= less shame, less law abiding
        • Formal controls failing= not solving crime problems as they have weak punishments
    • Broken Windows
      • Wilson & Kelling
      • Its crucial to try to maintain social controls in neighbourhoods if crime is going to be in check
        • Police do this by clamping down on minor, undesirable behaviour, keep addicts off the streets
      • If a single broken window is left unrepaired an area can start to deteriorate
        • It makes it unsafe for people
        • They argue the police should concentrate on areas that are deteriorating
          • They should focus on minor crimes because this is how offenders think they can get away with it
    • Routine Activity Theory
      • Cohen & Felson
      • The risk of getting caught or lack of opportunity prevented crime taking place. It needs 3 conditions
        • Individuals who were motivated to offend
        • Avalibity of opportunity & targets
        • Lack of capable guardians (people who control)
      • Most crime was opportunist rather than planned
        • If individuals motivated to comment in routine activities, crime was more likely to occur
        • Spending time in public place where their were more targets= increasing crime
        • To reduce crime, it has to be made harder to commit
    • Underclass
      • Murray
      • The existence of the underclass led to growth in crime
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